I can’t sign up!

Please make sure that you haven’t disabled cookies in Safari on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Safari and look for where it says “Block Cookies”. The setting should be “Allow from websites I visit”

How do I send Flirtmoji with my Android phone?

Pull up https://flirtmoji.co in a browser (i.e Google Chrome), hold on the icon of your choice, and save the icon instead of copying. Then go to your messaging application of choice (Hangouts, etc) and import it! There should be a little plus or paper clip icon to import an image.

How do I send Flirtmoji with my iPhone?

Pull up https://flirtmoji.co in mobile Safari and then hold an icon to copy. Then simply go to your messaging application of choice and paste into the text box! If you have difficulty pasting the icon, you might to save and send it.

Why aren’t you guys an app?

We are currently working on an app for iOS with some classics and some new Flirtmoji. However, because of Apple's guidelines around explicit imagery, we'll always be online at https://flirtmoji.co!

Why are Flirtmoji bigger and blurrier than standard emoji in my messaging apps?

If you are experiencing a large, blurry Flirtmoji please contact us at [email protected] with a screenshot.

Why do my flirtmoji show up with a weird black background?

If you are experiencing a black background with your Flirtmoji please contact us at [email protected] with a screenshot.

What’s with the hamster in a condom?

Though we’re all about consensual sex, and we know animals cannot consent, we also try to find room for humor. No hamsters were harmed, or violated, in the creation of this Flirtmoji. We urge everyone to please respect the rights of animals.

What do all the Flirtmoji mean?

Talk to your friends about sex. One of them knows.

I forgot my password.

On the sign in page, click the the “forgot password” link to which will send you an email prompting you to reset your password.

How do I add Flirtmoji to my home screen on iOS?

Log in to your Flirtmoji account at https://flirtmoji.co, click the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the screen, then click ‘Add to Homescreen.’

How do I cancel my account?

Login to your account at https://flirtmoji.co, navigate to the three line icon in the top right corner of the page, click 'Account', and then scroll down and click 'Cancel my Account.’ We’ll be sorry to see you go!