How we translate Flirtmojis…

We recently got a write up over at the Daily Dot which both excited and wigged us out a little. In the piece, author EJ Dickson wrote up definitions for a handful of our Flirtmoji in order to to assemble a “helpful emoji dictionary.”

Obviously, some of the proposed definitions are written to be funny, which we appreciate and understand. BUT some of the definitions don’t mesh with our mission at Flirtmoji to empower people of all sexualities to communicate their desires, concerns, and flirtations.

SO, while all press is good press and we extend big thanks to Ms. Dickson for writing about us, we’re going to take a minute here to respond by interpreting the meaning of our Flirtmojis and clarifying our stance on #sext-positivity.


HEY I’m into watching responsibly made and purchased porn together because it gets me going. YADIG? 

Let’s do it decadent-style. Wanna do something with our dessert other than eat it? I’m into playing with our food AND our genitals. A chocolate mess is a good mess. #useyourtongue

HEY, let’s talk about birth control. 

Wanna try something new and kinky tonight that won’t cause chafing? 

Here I was just hanging out in my gym shorts, possibly exercising, and WHAM you sexted me and BAM it gave me a hard on JUST LIKE THIS. 

(p.s how did urine get involved? PSA: if your urine is leaving stains you should consider drinking more water. If you’re into urine that’s cool too and we have a Lemonade Flirtmoji JUST FOR YOU in our Fetish 101 pack!)

Please come over. I want to have sex with you.


I am a legendary and prolific (and consensual) fuck machine, lezdoit.



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    The Daily Dot “article” on these was the most asinine thing I’ve read lately.
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    But what are those bacon icon things. I don’t understand!!!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
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