Calling all booties.

We received an email the other day that our Booty Call Flirtmoji came across as culturally and racially offensive and that it objectifies black and brown bodies.

First of all: we would like to apologize for making anyone feel disempowered or objectified. This was not our goal, and something we are prepared to work on.

As with all our art, we put great thought into this Flirtmoji to avoid making anyone feel disenfranchised. In the same email, we received feedback that condemned the icon for objectifying women. These butts are specifically non-gendered (no genitals) so that humans of all genders and sexual inclinations could message this Flirtmoji back and forth.

But this comment sent us (literally) back to the drawing board to figure out a way to include this icon without disempowering or offending anyone. We think this is super important language, and Flirtmoji users agree—Booty Call has been sent sent 20,000 times in the past week. Our solution is to double down on our mission, which is to be inclusive and body positive.

So, without further ado, here’s our new Booty Call offering, now available for free after sign up:

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