Another way to sext.

Talking about sex is the hardest, right?

What if you could text about it?

Flirtmoji just put together a Safe Sext pack that we think is pretty important. The Safe Sext pack (currently available FOR FREE in the Flirtmoji store) has language to help clarify intentions and start conversations about some of those hard to discuss subjects— including birth control, sexual health, and consent. We want you and your partner (or partners) to arrive prepared or informed, every time.

We also see the Safe Sext pack as a set of Flirtmoji that could open communication lines between parents and kids who are thinking about sex. This isn’t to undermine the importance of face-to-face conversations, but to act as an additional resource or tool.

Flirtmoji artist Katy writes:

Conversations about sex safe with my mom were relatively infrequent and pretty serious. My mom said important things about sexual safety and smart decision making, but it was hard for me to take in and felt very separate from my day-to-day experience of sex. I wasn’t into casually talking about safe and consensual sex.

You know what I was into, though? Texting. Our phones would have been an ideal platform to meet to have everyday, candid conversations about safe and healthy sex.

Had we had smart phones and Flirtmoji an ideal text/sex communication might have looked something like this:

So, however you use this pack, it was pretty challenging for us to construct and we are excited for your feedback. Drawing genitals and making sex accessories flirty is much easier than crafting communicative and universal icons that tackle such serious subjects. Please, please, please let us know what you think. We’d love to hear about how you’re using it, as well as your ideas for how we can revise or expand this pack.

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