Making summer love!

How do you translate the glorious, seductive wonder of summer love into 21 Flirtmoji? Last month we asked ourselves the same question as we set about creating our latest pack: Hot, Wet Summer!

Most Flirtmoji packs start with a list. For example:

Boob sundae?
Girls on bikes?
Topless girls on bikes?
Beach orgy (how do you draw this?)
Itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini?
Pizza bikini?

To create the list we tap into our favorite memories and our strangest fantasies. We think about films, art, pop culture, dreams, etc. We do a lot of googling, ogling, and asking. We tend to find some of the best stuff in the deepest recesses of our reptile brains. Each idea gets run through the Flirtmoji filter to ensure it’s inclusive and sex positive. The results of this “research” get distilled down into concepts and simple graphic representations and added to the list.

Then we sketch out some of the best ideas:

We mess around in illustrator:


Once the Flirtmoji are laid out in Illustrator they go back and forth between Jeremy and Katy for refining, editing and culling. In addition to aesthetics, this process involves keeping an eye on the balance of gender, skin tone, and body type.

When we’re satisfied everything is ship shape, we send them out into the world!

What do you think? Does Hot, Wet Summer encapsulate everything you think of when you think of summer love? We’d love to hear from you: [email protected]


Katy & Jeremy